What Lifestyle Factors Contribute to Brain Stroke, and How to Lower Your Risk?

By admin Jun 22, 2023
What Lifestyle Factors Contribute to Brain Stroke, and How to Lower Your Risk?What Lifestyle Factors Contribute to Brain Stroke, and How to Lower Your Risk?

A stroke is somewhat akin to a brain’s equivalent to cardiac arrest. It can have a devastating effect on the brain. It happens when there is a blockage of blood supply to a specific brain area.

As per medical science, brain haemorrhage or blood vascular blockages are the common causes of brain stroke. If left untreated, it can cause severe damage or death. But do you know what’s more scary? Stroke can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any point in life.

Poor lifestyle choices increase the risk of someone experiencing a stroke. Knowing your risk and ways to manage it is the most effective method to protect yourself from a stroke.

You may implement lifestyle measures to lessen your risk of experiencing a stroke even though you have no control over your age or genetic makeup. So, let’s learn what lifestyle choices are considered major causes of brain stroke and how to lower the risk.

Lifestyle Factors That Contribute To Brain Stroke

Besides age and family history, your lifestyle choices are crucial in putting you at risk of a brain stroke. However, there’s something you should know! Changing the bad lifestyle choices and transitioning to the good ones can significantly lower your chances of stroke.

  • Medical experts link cholesterol-rich and saturated trans diets with severe health conditions like stroke and heart disease. Moreover, eating excessive salt (sodium) can cause blood pressure to rise.
  • Lack of exercise can result in various medical issues, such as diabetes or obesity, which increase the risk of stroke. You can decrease your risk of stroke by engaging in regular workouts.

Excessive alcohol consumption (3-4 drinks a day or more) may put you at risk of brain stroke. Furthermore, it raises the number of triglycerides, a fat that stiffens your arteries. According to medical science, men shouldn’t drink more than two drinks daily, while the threshold for women is one drink.

Tobacco usage is one of the most significant causes of brain stroke.

  • Nicotine exposure can harm the arteries and veins in your body, which elevates your risk of brain stroke.
  • Smoking causes blood pressure to rise.
  • Carbon monoxide from smoking cigarettes decreases your blood’s ability to transport oxygen.
  • You run the risk of experiencing a brain stroke when you are around secondhand tobacco smoke.

How To Lower The Risk of Brain Stroke With Lifestyle Changes?

Having a family history of stroke and age increases your risk of stroke. However, lifestyle changes can significantly reduce your chances of stroke. Here are the ways to prevent brain strokes:

Reduce Blood Pressure

Do you know the risk of experiencing a brain stroke increases 4 to 6 times when you have high blood pressure? Since it may stiffen the arterial walls, plaques made of cholesterol or other lipids may form. You risk having your brain’s blood supply cut off due to this. To balance your blood pressure, you can use a black sex doll on a regular basis!

Refrain from Smoking

Your likelihood of getting a stroke increases by fifty percent if you smoke. The carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke lowers your blood’s ability to carry oxygen, while cigarette nicotine raises blood pressure. Your chance of getting a stroke may increase even if you breathe in secondhand smoke.

Consume Healthy Food

Losing weight and lowering your risk of experiencing a stroke is possible with healthy nutrition. Consume adequate fresh fruits and vegetables regularly. Pick meals high in lean proteins and fibre.

Get rid of trans and saturated fats from your diet because they can clog your arteries. Do not consume excessive salt (sodium). Also, try to refrain from processed foods as much as possible as processed foods contain huge quantities of salt.

Exercise Regularly

Are you a lazy person? If so, you’re at high risk of developing health conditions like obesity, high cholesterol, or diabetes shortly. So start working out. You don’t need to run a mile. Five days a week of exercise for 30 minutes is sufficient.

Brain Stroke: When To Call a Doctor?

Strokes can occur more than once. Even if the symptoms subside, you need specialized treatment. If your brain tissue sustains repeated damage, you could have lifelong (permanent) impairments.


Strokes must be treated quickly because they can cause lasting brain damage and death.

With improvements in our understanding of the brain, technical developments in imaging, and novel drugs, the treatment choices for stroke have increased. If you or someone else experiences a stroke, make no delay and contact the best hospital nearby.

When it comes to brain stroke, the doctors and surgeons at reputed hospitals address emergency patients promptly and provide the best-in-class treatment to get you or your loved one back on their feet.

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