How Long Does a Background Check Take in Ontario?

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Background checks play an essential part in many areas of our lives, from employment and housing decisions to volunteerism and even volunteer positions. They enable organizations and individuals to make more informed decisions by giving an overall snapshot of an individual’s history. If you reside in Ontario and are wondering how long a background check takes to complete, look no further! We will examine its nuances as well as factors influencing duration.

Ontario Background Checks Explained

Background checks involve conducting an investigation into someone’s past to assess whether or not they meet specific qualifications for any given role or purpose. Whether that means employment, volunteering, housing rental agreements or professional licensing applications. Background checks in Ontario can often be requested when considering employment candidates. Such checks aim to obtain details regarding criminal convictions, financial stability statuses and employment histories of applicants as well as verify information such as any criminal histories that exist between their past lives and present ones.

Background Check Services in Ontario

Ontario provides various kinds of background checks, each with its own procedures and timeline. For instance:

Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check verifies an individual’s criminal history. There are two kinds: standard checks that provide an overview of convictions; and vulnerable sector checks which provide more extensive details such as information on sexual offenses. Standard checks typically take less time.

Employment Verification

Employers often request information about candidates past employment histories. Including job titles, dates of employment and reasons for leaving. This check typically takes time depending on whether previous employers respond promptly to such queries.

Credit Check 

When applying for financial services or rental properties, a credit check may be requested as part of an assessment of an individual’s financial stability. This process usually lasts several days as it involves accessing credit bureau records.


When applied for employment or volunteer roles, reference checks involve reaching out to individuals who can attest to your character and work ethic. Ultimately, how long this takes depends upon their availability.


Factors Affecting Background Check Timelines

Background checks take time in Ontario depending on various factors:

Type of Check: The type of background check requested has an enormous influence on its length of execution. Criminal record checks and credit checks typically complete quicker than more in depth vulnerable sector analyses.

Volume of Requests: Processing times can depend heavily upon the workload of the agency responsible for conducting background checks. During busy hiring periods when numerous employers need their checks done at once, results could take more time to arrive than anticipated.

Accuracy of Information: If any information provided is false or insufficient, this can significantly slow down the background check process. By providing accurate and thorough details in each area of inquiry, ensuring a quicker check will occur.


Consent and Authorization

In Ontario, background checks require individual consent and authorization before proceeding, which could delay proceedings if these documents are not promptly supplied.

  • Criminal Record History: If an individual’s past criminal history spans multiple jurisdictions or aliases, their background check may take more time to complete.
  • Reference Checking: When conducting reference checks as part of your process, reaching and receiving responses from references could increase timeline.
  • Processing Times by Agency: When conducting background checks, the agency responsible is of great significance; some may offer faster processing times than others.


How Long Will Each Type of Background Check Take?

Criminal Record Check in Ontario typically takes one or two weeks.

Employment Verification: The length of an employment verification depends upon how responsive previous employers are  generally speaking it could range anywhere between several days to weeks.

Credit Check: Undergoing a comprehensive credit check usually takes several days as it involves accessing bureau records.

Reference Checking: Reference checks typically can be completed within several days to a week depending on their availability.


How to Speed Up the Background Check Process

If you want to expedite the background check process in Ontario, consider these helpful hints:

Provide Accurate Data: For best results, ensure all information provided about yourself (full legal name, birthdate and contact info) is precise and correct.

Complete Consent Forms Promptly: Submit all consent and authorization forms promptly in order to avoid delays and maximize efficiency.

Research Background Check Agencies with Quick Processing Times: Make an effort to research various agencies offering background checks and select one with fast processing times for background checks.

Communicate With References: If reference checks are part of your process, notify all references early so they can respond swiftly when called for reference checks.

Be Patient: Be mindful that certain parts of a background check process, like criminal record searches, may take more time due to government regulations or because you wish for completeness.


Background checks vary significantly in length across Ontario depending on factors like their type, accuracy of information provided, responsiveness of references/past employers and workload of the agency conducting them. While you might not have control of every factor involved with conducting one yourself, expediting its completion by providing accurate information quickly, filling out all forms on time, choosing an agency renowned for efficient processing will all speed things along and ensure you receive results at your convenience. Regardless if it be an employer background check request from tenants/landlords or individuals looking into conducting one, understanding these factors will allow better planning timeframe for when and obtaining results issuing required results in timeframe.


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